NORM/TENORM in Oil and Gas Production Waste

Dade Moeller NORM ServicesOn August 27, Senior Health Physicist William “Bill” E. Kennedy, Jr., presented a technical paper titled “NORM/TENORM in Oil and Gas Production Waste: What Does It Mean, and What Do We Do?” at the 2014 Wyoming Solid Waste and Recycling Association Annual Conference in Casper, Wyoming.

NORM = Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

TENORM = Technologically-Enhanced NORM

Approximately 60 of the 80 total conference-goers attended Bill’s presentation, which provided an overview of NORM waste produced by the petroleum industry, the potential hazards associated with this waste, and the potential regulatory and waste management implications.

William E. Kennedy, Jr.

William E. Kennedy, Jr.

Bill’s presentation generated a lot of interest and questions, both on NORM issues in general, as well as on what North Dakota and other states are doing and why about their NORM issues. Bill also received several inquiries about Dade Moeller’s NORM training classes for oil and gas operating staff.

To view the slides from Bill’s presentation, click this link: “NORM/TENORM in Oil and Gas Production Waste”

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Dade Moeller Signs Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve

Dade Moeller Supports Veterans, Guard, and Reserve

Signing the Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve. (Front Row, L to R) Jeff Newgard, Co-Chair, ESGR East Central Area; Matt Moeller, CEO of Dade Moeller; and Jim Rabideau, Co-Chair, ESGR East Central Area. (Back Row, L to R) Narita Hoyt, ESGR Volunteer; and Roshelle Pavlin, Director, Dade Moeller Human Resources

Sometimes, in the life of a Company, something small happens that actually means quite a lot. This happened to us last week.

On September 4, our co-founder and CEO, Matt Moeller, signed a piece of paper (eight of them, to be exact). But they weren’t just ANY pieces of paper.

Representing our entire company, Matt signed Statements of Support for the Guard and Reserve. This formally documents and pledges our company’s, our managers’, and our supervisors’ support of the patriotic men and women who voluntarily serve in our nation’s Guard and Reserve.

In honor of company namesake Dr. Dade W. Moeller, who joined the U.S. Navy in 1944 and served until the end of the war, Dade Moeller strongly supports its employees who serve in the military and encourages those with military experience (current or veteran) to seek employment with the company.

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Celebrating 20 Years!

Dade Moeller was co-founded by Matt Moeller and Steve Merwin, with colleague Bill Kennedy joining the firm in February 1995.

We’re super excited to celebrate our twentieth anniversary of operations this month! Over the past two decades, we have supported hundreds of clients, including government agencies, academic institutions, and private companies, in their efforts to protect people and the environment. Additionally, our leadership in national and international professional organizations, such as the Health Physics Society, [...]

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“The 1976 Hanford Americium Accident, Then and Now”

2014 Health Physics Society Lecture At the 59th Health Physics Society Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Md., Dade Moeller Senior Health Physicist Eugene (“Gene”) Carbaugh presented a Continuing Education Lecture titled “The 1976 Hanford Americium Accident — Then and Now.” The slides from Gene’s Health Physics Society lecture (July 14, 2014) are available at this link: [...]

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Jennifer Warner Named VP of Records Management Chapter

Dade Moeller Document Control Specialist Jennifer Warner has accepted the position of Vice President of the Columbia Basin (Washington) Chapter of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators, effective immediately. From Dade Moeller’s Richland headquarters, Jennifer provides records administrative support to radiation dose reconstruction activities on the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Dose [...]

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PHOTOS: Annual Meeting of HPS, Baltimore

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