The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About NORM and TENORM

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1. What is Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)?

NORM is natural material that contains primordial radionuclides, typically those associated with uranium and thorium. For example, Uranium-238 has a half-life of about 4.5 billion years, or approximately the age of the earth, and Thorium-232 has an even longer half-life of about 14 billion years. These radionuclides are present in the rocks, soil, and minerals around us.

2. What is TENORM?

If the natural concentrations or radionuclide distributions are enhanced by human activity and technology, technologically enhanced NORM (or TENORM) is produced.

3. Is NORM/TENORM associated with oil & gas exploration and recovery?

Yes, NORM and TENORM are present in oil & gas fields. This has been well known since the early 1980s; however, the concentration of the associated radionuclides is highly dependent on the local geology. Operational wastes from hydraulic fracking will also contain NORM.

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Dade Moeller Training Academy 2015 Course Calendar

We are pleased to share our Dade Moeller Training Academy course calendar for 2015!

The Dade Moeller Training Academy offers professional-level radiation safety and occupational safety and health training courses.You can download a copy by clicking this link: 2015 Training Academy Course Calendar

1.5 Million Safe Work Hours!

Dade Moeller marked 1.5 million hours without a recordable injury in January 2015.

Great news! As of January 1, 2015, we have worked safely for more than 1.5 million hours! This means that we have completed another year without a recordable workplace injury! (You may remember that we celebrated the 1.2 million safe work hour mark last year). Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, U.S. [...]

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A Strong Reputation Is Our Best Sales Tool

Dade Moeller Vice President Susan Winslow is quoted in The Zweig Letter on the topic of client service, reputation, and marketing.

Susan Winslow, Vice President of our Consulting Division, was quoted extensively in the January 19, 2015, issue of The Zweig Letter in response to a question about instilling a corporate culture of delivering (and even over-delivering!) services to clients. To read the article, just click here (PDF, 2 pages): “Create a Culture That Delivers,” THE [...]

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One More Certified Health Physicist!

Michael C. Talmadge is a Certified Health Physicist with Dade Moeller

We are pleased to announce that our already impressive cadre of certified health physicists has expanded by one, for a new total of 35! Michael C. Talmadge, based in Acton, Mass., is Dade Moeller’s newest certified health physicist. Dade Moeller employs more certified health physicists than any other private company in the United States.   [...]

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How Loud Can a K-3rd Grade Lunchroom Get? Tony Etherington Volunteered to Find Out.

Tony Etherington (right) performs noise monitoring for Kiona-Benton High School’s metal shop teacher Micah Wilson using Dade Moeller’s personal dosimetry equipment.

Every year, the Kiona-Benton schools in Washington State conduct a survey of noise levels at various locations around their facilities. For years, this survey has been conducted by the custodial staff using a phone “app.” This year, a noise level of 89dB (decibels) was determined in the elementary school’s cafeteria. School Safety Board member Tina [...]

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