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Dosimetry Products and Services

Dade Moeller has aSurvey long history of providing quality radiation safety support services to an ever-changing marketplace. Through a partnership with Mirion Technologies Dosimetry Services Division (Mirion), Dade Moeller is able to offer radiation monitoring services. With the rapidly changing pace of your business today, the need for radiation safety is greater than ever.

You can rely on the expertise of our Certified Health Physicists (CHPs) to help create a program that is right for you.

Dade Moeller is currently assisting clients with program customization not offered by large dosimetry vendors. dosimetryServing enterprise customers where there may be hundreds of employees, often in various locations, requires specific expertise and specialized program management. Our dosimetry service can be tailored to meet your needs, as we recognize that monitoring programs often require multiple badge types and monitoring periods among different locations.

Mirion products are currently being utilized wherever there is a potential for occupational exposure. nuclearFrom small medical offices to hospitals and universities, private industry to nuclear facilities, Dade Moeller and Mirion are everywhere you need them to be. Operating from a state-of-the-art, 45,000 square foot facility located in Irvine, California, Mirion continues to invest in the exploration of new monitoring technologies and enhance their processing capabilities.

Dade Moeller understands the importance radiation monitoring plays in your business and the importance of maintaining the health of your employees. Each day we strive to exceed expectations by working with clients to achieve new levels of customer service. By choosing Dade Moeller for your dosimetry needs, you are ensuring that the number one name in the industry is by your side. Our dedication to safety has always been our first priority.

Mirion Technologies (GDS), Inc., is fully accredited/licensed to provide dosimetry services through several well known organizations such as: NVLAP, DOELAP, Canada’s CNSC, and the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

NVLAP DELAP Canadain Nuclear Safety Commission Health and Safety Executive


Dade Moeller offers a wide array of Mirion product choices for measuring ionizing radiation. Product choices vary from film, thermo-luminescent, and track etch technologies for generalized detection. Specialty products such as environmental and electronic dosimeters are available for more specific needs. Read more about our dosimetry products.

DosimetryProgram Management Services

Dade Moller is currently managing radiation monitoring programs that range from 1,500+ wearers down to facilities that have only one wearer with the same level of customer service. We are fully prepared to assist you in managing your radiation monitoring program via secure online account management and through personal interactions with one of our high qualified staff.
Read more about our Dosimetry Program Management Services.





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