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Medical Radiation Safety Officer (MRSO)

Course Description
5-Day Course US$ 1995

with Liquid Scintillation Counting Option Additional Cost: US$ 200
with DOT HAZMAT Certification Option Additional Cost: US$ 200
*** Note: not all locations offer options ***

WHAT is the Course about

 This course will help keep you current with the radiation safety aspects of the many new techniques related to using ionizing radiation in the continually evolving medical field.

Gain a practical understanding of  regulations governing the safe use of radiation-emitting machines and radioactive materials, as well as responsibilities for managing radiation safety in a hospital. Discuss real-world experiences on numerous relevant topics as outlined in the agenda.

Learn how to implement a successful, compliant radiation safety program that will withstand rigorous inspection.

Did you Know....? Due to the widespread use of radiation-producing machines and radioactive materials in medicine, the National Council on Radiation Protection and measurements now reports that the average person in the U.S. receives approximately the same dose from medical radiation as from natural background radiation.

WHO is the Target Audience

Those managing a radiation safety program or working with radioactive material and/or radiation-producing machines in a medical environment.

This course is intended for those working with both radioactive materials and X-ray producing equipment. If you are interested in learning primarly about X-ray safety, please see our Medical X-ray Safety class.


CAMPEP - MPCEC Credits Up to 36
AAHP - 32.00 CE Credits
WSO Certification Credential:
WSO-CSS Radiation -
1.20 CEU(s) Credits per 40 course contact hours
ABIH Diplomates can claim this course for 36 hours in the IH CM Area.
See ABIH website for CM credit criteria.

INCLUDES what Special Features
  • Breakfast and Lunch Included
  • Free one-time refresher training
  • Comprehensive training manual and/or text book
  • Medical Radiation Safety Manual

  • Data CD supplemental reference material
  • including forms for surveying labs and posted rooms, sample spreadsheets for maintaining waste disposal records, and all 21 volumes of US NRC NUREG 1556

Upon completion of course, participants will receive a course certificate.

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Liquid Scintillation Counting Option   Additional Cost: $200

Students selecting this option (additional fee required) will complete an additional four hours of course work on the fundamentals of liquid scintillation counting (LSC). The objective of this class is to provide students with a basic understanding of the principles of liquid scintillation counting for analysis of surface swipes, biomedical, environmental, waste, and other types of samples. This module is conducted at the end of the regular RSO or MRSO course on Friday afternoon.

DOT HAZMAT Certification Option   Additional Cost: $200

Students selecting this option (additional fee required) will complete an additional four hours of course work on shipping and receiving of radioactive materials. This class is designed to train workers in the requirements of the DOT as specified by 49 CFR 172 Subpart H and the NRC as specified by 10 CFR 71.5 and 10 CFR 20.1906. This module is conducted at the end of the regular RSO or MRSO course on Friday afternoon and will conclude with an examination. Students who successfully complete the exam will receive an additional certificate documenting this training.